The Wand

The Wand Painless AnesthesiaFor many patients and in many procedures, shots of anesthetic can be avoided altogether, thanks to the modern technologies employed by Twin Cities Dental Center. The Wand is one such technology.

The Wand Painless Anesthesia ToolWhen anesthesia is required, however, The Wand offers a revolutionary way to replace the syringe with a virtually pain-free technology. Unlike a traditional syringe, The Wand is a computer-controlled delivery system for local anesthesia that helps make fear, anxiety and pain a thing of the past.

Precise and effective, The Wand provides site-specific pain control without unnecessarily numbing other soft tissue, such as the tongue and lips. The Wand enables Dr. Gendler to better evaluate your smile, even when your teeth are completely anesthetized.

And, importantly, it even works better than an old-fashioned shot. The Wand helps us provide more effective anesthetic delivery, at the same time it allows you to feel more comfortable throughout your procedure.

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