Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentist at Gendler Dental Clinic. Our cosmetic dentist and in-staff will give you clear-cut specifications on the specifications of your “smile make-over.”We are aware of every point at issue in your appointment and for the forthcoming ones, so we give you the benefits and the stakes of what your procedure will entail.Our cosmetic dentist bare out his/her know-how of the specific procedure and if any out of the ordinary state of maintenance will follow after the procedure.

Our cosmetic dentist comprehends the fact that such a field of practice in dentistry has gained such prominence. From the most trouble-free course of action in whitening your teeth, to the taking away of enamel from an irregularly formed tooth, to the intricacies of securing gaps between teeth and the putting back of implants due to loss of teeth, the cosmetic dentist has a wide-ranging dental implements and methods available at his/her convenience.

Chasing beauty for our meticulous cosmetic dentist has never been a question especially with his/her advanced tears of training. An attribute that a patient has to pore over on such a profession as being a cosmetic dentist.

Our private practitioners at Gendler Dental Clinic are not just highly-trained authorities but have passed various cycles of examinations that has made them grasped the art and science of cosmetic dentistry effectively.

Our cosmetic dentist practice:

Here is our treatment plan.

  • Teeth whitening which is the most cost-effective approach in the enhancement of your smile. We have available merchandises for an in-house whitening application or you can have it at the very comfort of your home with our bleaching mold and gels.
  • Dental veneers dubbed as the “Hollywood smile,” in which specially made sheer porcelain or resin are grafted to the rows of your teen to give you an endearing smile.
  • Dental bonding in which enamel is reintroduced back onto a decaying or chipped teeth. This procedure is done by the application of a paste-like resin after which it is exposed to a laser light for hardening.
  • Dental crowns otherwise known as a cap. This replacement tooth can either be treated to hold up a now fragile tooth from further degradation or to bond a cracked tooth as one. Such an attachment can be crafted from the usual resin, metal, or a fusion of both metal and porcelain.
  • Indirect fillings which are fashioned from a choice of cast gold, porcelain, and glass ionomer. This procedure in most cases is a substitute for crowns. We have our very own state-of-the art dental laboratory and the casting of dental fillings can initially be done on your first visit.
  • Dental implants in which an artificial tooth mostly made of titanium becomes a tooth root. This synthetic attachment will fasten the replacement tooth. Highly-commended for people who have lost their teeth due to accidents or to natural causes.

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