Featured Cases

We invite you to take a moment and browse through some examples of our practice’s smile makeover results. Many people from all over USA and Canada have enjoyed a dramatic increase in their self confidence as a result of a smile makeover. They feel more comfortable in social and professional situations, and are showered with the compliments of friends and family.

Explore the before-and-after cases below to get a feel for the types of transformations that are typical at our practice. If you like these featured smile makeover results, contact Gendler Dental Center, serving all Minneapolis/ St. Paul.

  • client-Jay-before-after

  • client-Vera-before-after

  • client-Tatiana-before-after

  • client-Saychay-before-after

  • client-Robert-before-after

  • client-Riva-before-after

  • client-Olga-before-after

  • client-Oksana-before-after

  • client-Nena-before-after

  • client-Michelle-before-after

  • client-Karen-before-after

  • client-Jody-before-after

  • client-Jennifer-before-after

  • client-Jane-before-after

  • client-Irina-before-after

  • client-Inna-before-after

  • client-Emma-before-after

  • client-Donna-before-after

  • client-Camille-before-after

  • client-Bryan-before-after

  • client-Beau-before-after

  • client-Ashley-before-after

  • client-Arny-before-after

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