Gendler Dental Clinic offers a modern approach in the straightening of teeth with Invisalign in Minnetonka MN.

With the use of custom-made series of clear aligners, we bring to a close a teenager’s worst nightmare – that interlacing metal on their teeth ensured by traditional braces.

invisalign minnetonka mn

Invisalign in Minnetonka, MN is a better option as it is not restrictive, limiting, and hindering to a person.

The setting up for an Invisalign appointment in Minnetonka can be short and flexible.

It all starts with the initial consultation with our dentist explaining how this orthodontic procedure works along with the treatment details, case selection, and cost selection.

This is followed by the taking in of records from your teeth wherein we gather digital photographs, dental PVS impressions and a bite registration.

The initial insertion and instructions of Invisalign will take approximately 20-30 minutes. The placement of attachments and instructions on aligner insertion and removal by 45 minutes to an hour.

Beginning the treatment is of such ease especially as presented by Invisalign at Minnetonka MN.

Call us now for a great experience with Invisalign in Minnetonka, MN:

Improved Oral Hygiene —

Invisalign at Minnetonka easily comes off creating an easy maintenance compared to metal More

Inconspicuous Appeal —

You can enjoy life after a dental appointment without the constraints and the irritation along with the self-consciousness that is often associated with metal brackets and wires. Invisalign at Minnetonka MN is a practical invisible orthodontic treatment.

Additional Food Choices

The absence of metal wires and braces denotes that there will be no such things as diet modifications


The thin, flexible material of which The Invisalign option at Minnetonka MN is made of a thin, flexible and virtually invisible material which does not cause soft tissue irritation inside your mouth.

Teeth-Grinding Protection

The Invisalign aligners can be used as an alternative to night guards especially to patients with a clenching habit.