Relaxation dentistry

Gendler Dental Center’s relaxation dentistry

It has been said that 1 out of 5 people have this overbearing fear of the dentist so we came up with relaxation dentistry. This setback of which is to conquer the apprehension of being seated on a dental chair is just one of the focus of our company. Our dentists have placed much consideration for the growing number of the population with dentophobia or the fear of dentistry and dental care.

Such an experience could have been deeply rooted in an upsetting early visit to the dentist during childhood which has then carried itself over to adulthood. Other cases that can relatively be associated with such an anxiety could straightforwardly be the nonexistence of time in dealing with a dental appointment.

Notwithstanding both these premises, we at Gendler Dental Center have understood that there are far too many members of the demographic that have simply cease to seek out even just a normal dental check-up due to this matter. Approximately people dare to put up with that early threat of a decaying and painful tooth just to excuse themselves from an appointment with the dentist.

At Gendler Dental Clinic our relaxation dentistry is a two-way process in which the patient and the dentist can both benefit:

Patient relaxation

As mentioned, relaxation dentistry with the help of sedation can be a huge makeover for an anxiety-ridden patient. It has been reported that dental phobia has made patients cancel their appointments with an approximate 10% of patients with dental problems stirring clear from the dentist.

Increased comfort

There is greater than before amount of comfort provided through relaxation dentistry. Sedation in the part of the patient can promote one from not being exhausted after a very lengthy treatment of sitting on the dental chair. Especially in cases wherein a procedure involves opening of the mouth for a long period of time.

Movement control and Patient Co-operation

Relaxation dentistry is of great assistance to patients who cannot control their being motionless due to a medical condition or due to the restlessness that comes with a very young age.

Control of gag reflex

Relaxation dentistry copes up with the gag reflex in the contraction of the back of your throat activated by a foreign object as it touching the area within your mouth. Additionally, the encouragement of relaxation dentistry cuts back on the time spent with your dentist as their will be fewer appointments.