Dental Implants Help Patients’ Quality Of Life

Dental implants can give you back your smile and your ability to chew and enjoy food; necessary items for a happy, healthy quality of life.

Physical Health Requires Having Teeth To Chew Food

This may sound like an over simplification, but it’s not. The dentists from Gendler Dental Center in Hopkins, MN know that if you can’t chew you can easily suffer malnutrition and this is a serious health issue for anyone, but especially for older people who are typically the ones who are faced with missing or damaged teeth.

We have people call our office and tell us, “I need teeth. I want to chew.” Our dental implant team takes those comments very seriously and we can help.

Hopkins Dental Implants

What causes chewing problems?
1. Ill-fitting dentures
2. Missing teeth
3. Decayed teeth
4. Damaged teeth
5. Decayed gums

If you have any of these issues or any issues caused by having decayed teeth, ill-fitting dentures or any of these items above they can lead to even more dental issues and pain. Dental issues and pain lead to your not being able to chew, eat or enjoy food.

Denture wearers typically experience the inability to eat the foods they love and find themselves restricted to eating only soft foods. Those who wear dentures also worry about their dentures coming loose, the dentures causing them to gag, the dentures limiting their ability to even taste their foods and their dentures causing gum pain so severe that they can’t enjoy a meal.

What can you do if you have ill-fitting dentures or dental problems?

We urge you to call our Hopkins, MN dental practice as soon as possible. Please don’t let pain or fear or embarrassment keep you from enjoying food and your life for even a moment longer.

It’s time to take charge and call one of our dental implant dentists at Gendler Dental Center and get yourself on the road to a healthier mouth and a brilliant, beautiful smile.

Gendler Dental Center is unique

Our practice is unique in the Hopkins, Minnesota area. Our experienced dental implant dentists and our entire dental team is dedicated to our patients and their complex rehabilitative dentistry, dental Implants, cosmetic dentistry and IV Sedation.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or multiple teeth and if your mouth is need of minimal dentistry treatments or if you need a complex dental reconstruction, the experienced and highly knowledgeable doctors at Gendler Dental have the skills and expertise to bring back your ability to chew and enjoy foods. An additional benefit to this is that you will have a smile you can be proud of and you will feel better about yourself.

Options include fixed and removable permanent teeth

Our doctors at Gendler Dental Center use dental implants to anchor fixed or removable permanent teeth. The removable/Snap-On option is an affordable and popular option for those who don’t want complete dental implants to replace missing teeth and for those who know the painful issues related to dentures.

With fixed and removable permanent teeth, the teeth are secured by dental implants, but can be easily removed.

The fixed permanent teeth option means the replacement teeth are permanently fastened to the implants. With fixed permanent teeth, only your dentist can remove them.

One Day Smile Solution

One procedure for fixed permanent teeth is the One Day Smile Solution.
With a One Day Smile Solution, only four implants are used to anchor a complete set of upper and/or lower teeth. One Day Smile Solution is one of the most convenient and stable and secure options that we recommend for our patients.

Experience Matters

Dr. Gendler has extensive experience, training and knowledge with the One Day Smile Solution and has undergone specialized training in this dental procedure.

Let your dentist in Hopkins Minnesota help you enjoy life to the fullest with beautiful, permanent teeth
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Gendler Dental Center dentists provide implant solutions for missing teeth, including fixed permanent teeth, snap on teeth, the Same Day Smile Solution, Teeth-in-a-Day and mini implants.