Many times the staff at Gendler Dental Center in Hopkins, Minnesota are asked, “What is comprehensive dental care”?

The philosophy at Gendler Dental Center is to treat the whole patient. The reason for that is, parts of the human body do not exist or function in isolation. Our bodies are a connected, complex mechanism. In comprehensive dental care, the dentists at Gendler treat the teeth, the gums, soft tissues of the surrounding oral cavity and the muscles and joint used for chewing and jaw function.

Our dentists examine all parts of the mouth because we know your oral and dental health are directly related to your overall physical health.

At Gendler Dental Center we provide a wide range of dental services designed to meet almost all of our patients’ dental needs under one roof. You will work with one coordinated dental team of caring and highly-trained professionals.

Gendler Dental Center Services

The dental services at our Hopkins, Minnesota office include routine dental care to a full spectrum of cosmetic, implant and sedation dentistry procedures. For our patients, this means convenience, because there is seldom a need to collect records and insurance information for another dental service provider. The dental services we provide also mean the highest quality of care, because all aspects of your dental health are monitored by one dental practice that has its eye on the big picture when it comes to your dental health.

Our dental staff is experienced with the latest techniques and technology, so you can be confident you’re getting the most advanced dental care available.

Whether you’re looking to switch dentists or haven’t had a dental visit in months or years or if you’re dental phobic give our dental practice a call so we can work on a dental treatment plan that will have you on the road to dental health.

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